About E-CORP

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  This blog was created to introduce, explain, develop and promote the E-CORP (Earth Corporation) platform.

An Earth Corporation is a business that is owned by the Earth and has a set of practices that protects the environment while promoting social and economic justice.  The following defines an E-CORP…

  • The enterprise is owned in trust by the Earth (Green bonds are used for startup funds and working capital)
  • Right purpose
  • Inclusion, equality and empowerment (Profits are shared with employees up to 20%, Minimum Wage Plus, Defined Maximum Wage)
  • Circular Economy Design (Net Positive Resource Use, Zero to Landfill, Cradle to Cradle)
  • Transparency (Open Books, Open Source, Open Communication)

The concept of an E-CORP was created by American entrepreneur Mark Donovan in October 2016 and is being modeled by the Bali based business EWABI, an electric bamboo bike company.

You can participate in this movement by joining the newsletter below, sharing it with friends,  adding comments and ideas to the blog posts, supporting an E-CORP or by starting your own.