Why are E-CORPS (Earth Corporations) so important?

Two weeks ago I posted my first article on E-CORPS entitled “What is an E-CORP (Earth Corporation)?.”  This week I want to focus on what I believe is the more important question, WHY!  Why did I create an E-CORP?  Why is it important?  Why is your involvement necessary?

As a quick recap the following defines an E-CORP…

  • The enterprise is owned in trust by the Earth.
  • Green bonds are used for startup funds and working capital
  • Profits are shared with employees up to 20%
  • Net Positive Resource Use
  • Zero to Landfill
  • Minimum Wage Plus
  • Defined Maximum Wage
  • Transparency
  • Open Books

Why did I create an E-CORP? 

It is my attempt to make a positive contribution toward reducing economic inequality while contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

The gap between the rich and poor is widening.  Most people agree that the system is stacked in favor of those with capital.  It takes money to make money.  For some that is just fine.   Mostly it is just fine for the 1% who have the money.  The argument is that the money will trickle down and benefit all.  That sounds logical yet somehow the numbers don’t seem to back this up.  Wealth disparities between the rich and poor keep growing and this trend only seems to be accelerating

At the same time we are experiencing the warmest year on record.  97% percent of climate scientists agree that there is a global warming trend and that human beings are the main cause.  We extract the Earth’s resources in unsustainable ways while polluting our land, air and water.  The problem is so enormous and broad that we often feel it is beyond our ability to have any significant impact and apathy sets in.

I decided to create a business structure that would systematically prevent economic inequality while at the same time establishing transparent targets and behaviors that fight against climate change and promote sustainability.

Why is it important? 

I think it is really important for a number of reasons.  First, it is not just talk or symbolism, these are concrete actions.  It feels great to be taking real steps toward addressing these problems.  Each step reveals a new set of problems and opportunities.  That doesn’t happen in the realm of theory.

Second, the clock is ticking.  Many believe we are already past the point of no return regarding the negative impacts we will face as a result of climate change.  When sea levels rise, hundreds of millions of people along the world’s coast lines could be displaced.  This is just one of the many consequences we are likely to experience.

Third, economic and social injustice leads to instability.  We have to find better ways to distribute the world’s abundant resources more fairly in order to create a more peaceful and stable world.

Finally, we have simply been mistreating the Earth for far too long.  Our entitlement / extraction oriented approach to Mother Earth is not sustainable.  The E-CORP structure aims to reverse that paradigm by placing the emphasis on serving the Earth first and foremost.

These problems are not going to go away on their own.  The more people working on potential solutions the better.

Why is your involvement necessary? 

We can’t do this on our own.  If you don’t contribute your ideas and support we will not succeed.  That is not just true of E-CORPS but of any enterprise or initiative that is seeking to protect the Earth and promote social and economic justice.  We all need to help each other.  Apathy is the enemy.

Since the last article…

The response to the first article was amazing.  There were over twelve hundred page views.  Two individuals have already expressed an interest in starting their own version of an E-CORP.  EWABI, the electric bamboo bike company that is the first model Earth Corporation is working on the corporate bylaws and formal legal structure to operate in Indonesia under these principles.  More on that soon.   Please share and forward this article to anyone you think might be encouraged to do more for the Earth as a result of learning about this concept.  Thanks for your help and support.

Peace & Love,


2 thoughts on “Why are E-CORPS (Earth Corporations) so important?

  1. Would an existing business be able to be restructured in this E-Corps model? Is this structure only possible for start up companies creating a new model? Will businesses with capital want to recreate their structure to share their wealth with employees?

    1. Hi Maura – Yes, an existing business is able to restructure to become and E-CORP. Whether or not they choose the E-CORP structure or some other form is not as important as the fact that they simply move in the direction of a more equitable distribution of created wealth to both the Earth and their employees.

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